Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz Pencil and Dipbrow Pomade: A+

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Available at Sephora and, $18-$21 (plus cost of brush you select for the Dipbrow)

Reviewed together because they work together like a beautiful dream team that can also be enjoyed separately. Like chocolate and peanut butter. Or macaroni and cheese. If macaroni and cheese made your eyebrows look impossibly fabulous. I don’t think you guys realize how hard I roll with Anastasia Beverly Hills, this stuff is worth and hype and worth the price a million times over. THE EYEBROW GAME IS FOREVER CHANGED, GUYS.

Brow Wiz Pencil

Brow Wiz Alone

Brow Wiz Alone (in Brunette)

I bought this after getting sick of my MAC brow pencil smudging up my forehead every time I accidentally brushed it with my glasses or hands, and used to use it alone before I discovered the joys of the Dipbrow pomade. It’s a great, natural-looking pencil and I’ve had no issues with smudging, even under high-stress and high-motion situations like running at the gym or drunkenly dancing at parties. It has a great brush attachment on one end that helps get your brows in shape and going in the right direction and you don’t have to sharpen it manually because it is Two Thousand and Fucking Fourteen and I can’t believe people still sell $20 eyeliner that you have to sharpen with a PENCIL SHARPENER. But I digress.

The Sephora website describes it as “Perfect for spot checking areas that may be sparse or over-tweezed,” which I feel is definitely valid, unless you’re like me and all of your brows are sparse and over-tweezed. I love this pencil but I don’t feel like it’s a super sustainable solution to penciling in your entire brow area every day. It doesn’t go on dark enough for my tastes (although it certainly would be ideal for a lot of people) and it seemed that using it to color in entire brows daily made it wear down very fast, as I have to go over my thicker brow areas several times to darken them up enough. I have to move the pencil up another click a few times a week and although I haven’t run out yet, I suspect this pencil won’t last me much longer and I only got it in December. At $21 a pop, this isn’t something I’d want to rebuy several times a year, especially if it isn’t easily giving me the results I’m looking for. So, after seeing a Maya Mia Y Instagram where she showed outlining her brows with a Brow Wiz pencil then filling them in with Dipbrow pomade (which of course I can’t find now but I promise it exists) I decided to give the Dipbrow a whirl and see if it couldn’t help me step up my eyebrow game.

Dipbrow Pomade

With Brow Wiz and Dipbrow Pomade

With Brow Wiz and Dipbrow Pomade (in Brunette and Dark Brown)

The Dipbrow Pomade is a little pot of waxy pigmented magic. It looks a lot like a cream eyeliner, which made me extraordinarily nervous about smudging and application issues, but Anastasia Beverly Hills must have negotiated a similar deal with the devil as imPress because this stuff is unstoppable. The secret is in the brush, however- Anastasia sells a special Anastasia Beverly Hills-branded brush to accompany the Dipbrow, which unfortunately I cannot review because it is sold out in every Sephora I’ve been to as well as on So, I bought a Sephora branded eyebrow-filler brush, and in these tutorials by Maya Mia Y you can see her applying the pomade with a little angled brush that looks a bit smaller and stiffer than mine. I would err on the side of small, my brush works fine for my aesthetic but I think it was meant for powders rather than pomades, and the Dipbrow goes on a bit thicker and darker than I imagine some people would like. A little bit goes a long way!! This stuff is surprisingly potent, even for one of the lighter shades, and it can get out of control if you’re not careful.

Much like anything else in life and makeup, it will take some experimentation to find a method that works for you but here’s how I get my Dipbrow on-

1. Brush brows as necessary to shape and even them up, then outline the outer edges of the brow with Brow Wiz to define the shape evenly. Leave out the inner part closest to the nose, unless you want a hard edge there. I’ve illustrated this badly here:

Brow Wiz

2. Apply a TINY amount of Dipbrow Pomade to your brush and brush into outer corner of brow first, gradually reapplying if needed and blending gently towards nose. I like a dark, bold brow but I also like them to look a bit natural and fluffy in that inner corner, so I try to bring the brows into a bit of a gradient like so.


And that’s all she wrote! I find this two-step process to be easier and quicker than its pencil-only counterpart, and it looks much better as well. The Dipbrow can also be applied alone if you don’t want to invest in the Brow Wiz as well, but I like having the outline there to define my brow shape and give me a sort of line to ‘color in’ with the pomade. As far as the Dipbrow holding up against the elements- I haven’t been to any concerts, parties, triathlons or any other super sweaty and athletics events yet, but my first day wearing it out I got my bangs cut and they survived getting wet hair plopped against them, getting sprayed with a water bottle and getting all kinds of brushed, rubbed, and swept against beautifully. Not a smudge in sight, even after I brushed all the little hair pieces off my face with a towel. It’s also survived a few fairly sweaty days at the gym after work with no incident. And it comes off beautifully with any sort of makeup wipe or remover- no wrestling this stuff off your face like waterproof mascara!

There’s tons more pics, info and tutorials available on Anastasia Beverly Hills and Maya Mia Y‘s Instagram pages, if you’d like to see more of their line in action. I promise I’m not getting paid to shill this stuff, I just take eyebrows very seriously and Anastasia Beverly Hills is the best action in the game that I’ve found so far. If I had to pick a RIDE OR DIE bag of stuff that I would have to roll with every single day, this would be in there first. RIDE OR DIE. THAT’S HOW YOU KNOW IT’S SERIOUS.



Long-lasting, smudge-proof

Easy to apply once you get your technique down, goes on quicker and with less catastrophic errors than with using only a pencil IMO

Easy to remove

Can be used for more natural or bold looks

Can be used together or separately

I think that container of Dipbrow is going to last me like 10 years, you use a molecule at a time



A bit pricey, especially if you want to use them both

You have to invest in a good brush for the Dipbrow

Everyone’s caught on to this shit so it’s always sold out

Can be tricky to apply until you get the hang of it

Brow Wiz wears down quickly with heavy use

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